Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Bathroom Sink

To most people, it's called a "bathroom sink."  To me, it's a "den of torture."  I HATE getting stuck in that sink!  Mom puts me up there when she thinks she needs to clean my ears and my eye goobers and get rid of my mats in my tail and the occasional dingleberries near my hiney.

See the elements of torture there beside me?  You know, I'm rather attached to those mats in my ear furs and my tail.  No need to brush or comb them out!  And I don't care if I have an infection, you can just keep that ear ointment to yourself.  And that ear cleaner, too!  (That blue M&M guy is full of Q-tips and cotton cleaner things.  YUCK!)

It's just not humane, I'm telling you.

The entire time I'm stuck there, I contemplate how to escape. that really too far to jump down???

One of these days, I'm gonna jump...


  1. Oh Buttons - you sure are cute in that awful sink. Don't you just hate it when the oomans torture us.

  2. We put Big Carl in the laundry room sink for bath time

    Stop on by for a visit