Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pill Wars

I don't like to take medicine. Not one bit. Mom foolishly tries to hide my allergy pill inside turkey deli meat. I'm onto her tricks, though. I've been eating the turkey from around my pill and just leaving that nasty thing in the bowl!

Here's my handiwork from last night:

And promptly after eating all of the turkey and leaving the pill last night, I went and hid under Mom's bed. If she finds that nasty pill in my bowl, then she pries my mouth open and pokes the stupid thing down my throat! Hiding under the bed prevents that torture. She can't get to me there!  HA!!!

Of course I had to eventually come out, and she still managed to find me with the stupid pill.

Not cool, Mom. Not cool.


  1. Oh Buttons!! You made us laugh, your cross little face!

    But you have to take the pills. Even if they are yuck.

  2. Heeehee...its never boring in Buttons world xx

  3. They never give up, do they Buttons? My Mom's last tactic was the squishy American Cheese. She hands it to me like a treat, and then immediately gives me my food bowl in hopes that I will dive in and wash the pill down.

  4. BOL, mom finally found out what works for my Lily, chicken flavored pill pickets
    Benny & Lily

  5. Oh, please take your medicine! I won't even tell you how my mommy's daddy used to "pill" the family dog! But I will if you don't!

  6. I bet if she tried peanut butter or khottage cheese woo might plakhate her -

    Just sayin'


  7. Silly buttons!

    Stop on by for a visit

  8. Gots to tek the pills my pal....i use to ave mine in pill pockets wot was sort of mouldable flavoured foods wot just hide da pill in da middle and taste good too