Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Dog Beds

It's Thankful Thursday, and today I'm thankful for my selection of dog beds and blankets and rugs and stuff.  You see, I've got Mom well trained when it comes to my comfort.  I've practically taken over the living room with my stuff.

I've got doggie beds that I sometimes only stick my hiney in.

And rugs I roll on while also rolling under my beds...

My blankets and rugs make me practically camouflage, too.  That way Mom can't see me when I roll like a crazy dog.

And then there's my Princess Tent that I like to hide in sometimes.

And other blankets for when I want to act super pathetic to get more treats...especially after going to the GROOMER...

Then when all else fails, I just take over Mom's bed in the bedroom.  This is particularly fun when she has to leave for work in the morning.

Mom says not many dogs have a bazillion beds, rugs, and blankets like I do.  So, for Thankful Thursday I'm thankful for my creature comforts.


  1. My mommy had a kitty that would unmake mommy's bed every morning when she made it. I wouldn't think of that. Just once in a while works for me!

  2. A bed should be used however you see fit!

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. You are a true Princess !!!

  4. Me Too! I have 2 cat trees, 2 tunnels and assorted other stuff.

  5. You deserb all da creature comforts!!! Tell U momma U want a new bed for da upcoming football season! Not sure ifn U has room for an udder bed, but say it just to watch her reaction!

  6. Only the best for my wee Smilemaker xx

  7. You sure have a comfy little area
    Benny & Lily