Saturday, November 12, 2011

Review: Pumpkin Patch Treats

I'm on Baby Patches' Tester Team. She's the Chief Kit at Nip and Bones. When you're on the Tester Team you get cool free stuff and you also get to write a review on your blog. That's a "win-win" in my opinion!

So not too long ago, Baby Patches sent me some cookies to try out.

They're Max & Ruffy's Pumpkin Patch treats. Perfect for this time of the year! I gave the cookie a good sniff. They really smelled pumpkin-y!

And of course I chowed down. (Sorry...I was chewing with my mouth open...)

The cookies smelled so good that my Mom actually tried a little bit. She wasn't sure what came over her.

Anyway, I liked the pumpkin treats, but I'm not really a fan of fruits and veggies. I remember how much my former foster sister Sydney LOVES fruits and veggies, though, so I thought maybe she'd like to try these Pumpkin Patch treats, too.

I mailed the cookies out to my former foster family in New Jersey! Here are the girls checking out the package. That's Dixie, Sydney, and Shawnee!

Since I knew Sydney would like these the most, I sent the package to her.

I put a note in the package to tell her that she could share with the other girls, of course. Sydney could smell the pumpkin through the box. Look at her giving it a good sniff! (That's Shawnee's legs nearby. She must have been reading my note to Sydney.)

Sydney got so excited that she actually started LICKING THE BOX!

Here's her silly nomming face! She was really excited about the cookies.

My former foster Mom took a video of the girls eating the cookies, and you can see how excited Sydney gets about them. Now, one very important thing to keep in mind when you watch this video... Sydney is always a lady when taking treats. She's very careful to take them with her lips and to NOT use her teeth. But after a couple of these Pumpkin Patch treats, just watch what she does to her Mom's fingers! She got a little too excited, I think!

The girls loved the Pumpkin Patch treats...especially Syndey. Fifteen minutes after that video was taken, Sydney was still looking for any cookie crumbs that might have been missed on the deck. I think she'd definitely give the Pumpkin Patch treats four paws up!

Thanks to my former foster family for helping me to write this treat review, and thanks to Baby Patches for the yummy cookies that I got to share!


  1. I dussn't care fur the froots and veggies at all, BLECH! But I woz sniffing YOU on that package, Buttons! Hai Buttons! I must admit, seeing Sydney get eggsited made me try some of those punkin (BLECH!) cookies. After Sydney swipied my crumbs from my furst one, I had to admit they wozn't bad at all and I nommed them and made sure not to leave any more crumbs fur that cookie hog, errr, I mean my loverly sis Sydney. Now if'n they had chickun in them, I would has been putting the bitey on mom's fingers and I has more teefs than Sydney!

  2. I have some to test too!

    I'm posting on Tuesday!

    GMTA - as 'they' say!


  3. OOO those look yummy!

    Stop on by for a visit!

  4. that store has the best treats
    Benny & Lily

  5. I think you and I are a bit alike. Girl always tries to feed me healthy treats with vitamins and vegetables and whatnot and I spit them out.

  6. YaY! I iz happy you iz back on your bloggy! I nawt sure if I'd like pumpkin cookies or nawt. I iz a picky boy abowt treets, but I eat most fuds!

  7. Pumpkin iz a nommy treat. I haz noms wif pumpkin soup for to halp me poopy.

    It wuz beary sweets of u to send dat Sydney sum of dem noms too.

    I could no believe dat picky old Shawnee did even eats sum!