Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Box Bigger Than Me...

About five years ago, I got this HUGE box from my friend Boris. OK...so maybe it wasn't that long ago...it was actually just a couple of weeks...but Mom's been neglecting my blogging duties so it feels like it was five years ago.

Anyway, Boris sent me a box that was a lot bigger than me! When Mom brought the box inside, I was so excited about it that I refused to eat supper. I wouldn't touch my food until after Mom opened that huge surprise!

Yes, I was a little impatient. I even jumped in the box before Mom got the top open all of the way!

But can you blame me?! Check out the HUGE Snoopy and Woodstock that Boris sent me!

I went right to work, playing with Woodstock.

And then I saw Mom take something else out of the box, so I had to check that out, too.

Yeah, my head sorta got in the way of that picture. Here's what Mom had, though:

Boris sent me some BUTTONS that say "I love Buttons!" Isn't that the coolest thing ever?!

But the box wasn't empty yet...there was another surprise in there. Here's me impatiently waiting for Mom to open my last surprise.

I had to check it all out before Mom assembled it.

Then I took a bully stick break while Mom went to work.

TA DAH! Boris sent me a BARN to go with my princess tent!!! It's a new secret hidey spot for me...and a stable for the princess to park her carriage in, of course.

I took a quick tour.

Mom put one of my blankies in the barn, too, to make it more comfy cosy.

Here's me posing with my new hidey spot!

I haven't played in the barn much yet, but Mom says that's because I go in my princess tent all of the time instead. So, she's gonna move my barn into the dining room so I have a hidey spot there, too. Sounds like a good plan to me!

So, after all of the excitement over my huge surprise, I had to take a nap on my new Snoopy.

Thanks to Boris and DogToys.com for my awesome, fantastic, super-duper surprise!


  1. What a neat package. We especially like the I love Buttons buttons. :)

  2. Wow - Buttons - you hit the jackpot. he he - I just got dat barn too and love it. love to hid in it from the peeps.

  3. The first paragraph of this made us LOL! 5 years ago! You are tooooo funny.

  4. What fabby pressies...that Boris is such a sweetie xxx Pasihugggs

  5. Kerching! Wot a pawsome haul of goodies.

  6. Wow dat wuz weally nyce uv Boris! Wut gweat stuff! We haz a 'cat cottage' dat haz levels inside it dat we lyke to hide in, or chase each other in and owt uv. Yoor barn looks lyke fun.

  7. Oh my goodness look at all that cool stuff. We love the barn. Wonder where you get those. Have fun with all your. New stuff
    Benny & Lily

  8. holy squirrel! what a pawsome surprise! *woof woof*
    I want that Button button too...