Friday, December 3, 2010

My Sister Lexi-Lou

One year ago today, my sister Lexi-Lou unexpectedly passed away. She'd only been my sister for one week, since I was just adopted on Thanksgiving Day.

Last year for Halloween, Lexi was a turtle.

And last year Mom got Lexi a special turtle squeaky toy because of her turtle Halloween costume. But then in all of the excitement about adopting me, Mom forgot to give it to her.

So, since I'm such a squeaky toy nut, Mom thought it was only fitting to give me Lexi's turtle toy on the anniversary of her passing. She put it right behind me when I was napping. Of course the toy radar kicked in right away!

I checked out that turtle.

I posed...even though I was sleepy...

Then I played a little.

Then I decided to nap with my new turtle. (Mom DID wake me up with it!)

I think Lexi would appreciate me playing and napping with her turtle, though.

We miss you, Lexi-Lou!


  1. What a sweet synchronistic way to honor Lexi's passing and celebrate her life. :)

  2. Aha...all those squeeeeks are Lexilou ornery cos u got her toy!!!! now ...wots dem SNORTS about???

  3. It do be amazing how that toy radar werks even tho you be sound asleep. I do think Lexi be smiling down on you playing with that turtle wot was meant fur her.

  4. OH Lexi Lou sure was a real cutie!! I am sure that you miss her and yes, she would be happy that her sister is playing with her turtle!! ENJOY!


  5. Fur sure!

    I know she furry furry much approves!


  6. Lexi would lub dat U is babysittin her turtle toy for a while!!! You both are just special joys dat mean da world to U momma (and us too)! We lub U, Lexi and you momma!

  7. We loved your sisfur Buttons, This is a very nice tribute to her. We are so proud to wear her ribbon too. She will never be forgotten.

  8. Lexi would definitely be happy that you have her squeaky turtle! Big (((hugs))) to you and your mom!